Certificates of Insurance

Risk Management is responsible for purchasing insurance to protect district assets.  Our goal is to provide appropriate coverage at the best pricing available

If you need to provide an outside entity with a Certificate of Insurance, we can help you with that. Please contact Jeanette O'Dell 303-365-7816 ext 28412 with the following information:

  • Name of sponsoring school or site and contact person
  • Date(s) of event or activity
  • Brief description of event or activity
  • Name, address, phone number, fax number and name of contact person for certificate holder (entity requesting the certificate)
  • Type(s) of insurance to be included on the certificate
  • Date by which certificate is needed (please allow at least one week)

If you have a form or letter from the certificate requester describing specifically what is needed, please fax it to Risk Management (303-326-1921) so we can more efficiently assist you.

Aurora Public Schools does not grant additional insured status to other entities. If the entity requesting the certificate is requiring this, please let Risk Management know immediately so we can attempt to resolve the issue.