Workers’ Compensation FAQs

  • Q: Do I have to see a doctor if I report an injury?
  • A: No, a doctor’s visit is not required. You can wait to see if a problem persists or worsens but the injury must be reported within 48 hours. It is always best to see the school nurse and report the injury.


  • Q: Can I see my own doctor?
  • A: No, you must see one of the designation medical providers as selected by the APS Risk Management Department. If you see your personal doctor, workers’ compensation will not pay for the visit. Most personal health insurance carriers will deny coverage for injuries that are work related.


  • Q: What is covered by workers’ compensation?
  • A: All treatment ordered by the authorized medical provider that is related to the initial injury will be covered by workers’ compensation. That includes referrals to specialists and therapy. Also covered are prescriptions, durable medical equipment (braces, crutches, etc), time off of work (when authorized by the doctor) and mileage reimbursement for trips to/from appointments.


  • Q: Do I have to pay for prescriptions, doctor visits or treatment out of pocket?
  • A: No, authorized injury related treatment will be billed directly to the workers’ compensation administrator. If you receive a bill at home or have to pay for anything please provide the receipts to your Sedgwick Specialty Services claims adjuster or the Risk Management Department as soon as possible.


  • Q: What if the doctor gives me work restrictions? Can I still work?
  • A: The doctor may give you temporary work restrictions in order to allow your body to heal without re-injury. You need to review your restrictions with your supervisor to ensure that your safety is taken into consideration when you return to work.   If your site is unable to accommodate the restrictions, a different temporary assignment may be offered to you.


  • Q: What if my restrictions become permanent? Can I still work?
  • A: If, at the end of your treatment, you are given permanent work restrictions, they will need to be reviewed by your supervisor and an HR representative. If your restrictions can be permanently accommodated, you may continue in your regular position. If your restrictions preclude you from performing the essential functions of your current position, HR will assist you in reviewing other APS positions in which you are qualified. If an immediate position is not available, you may be placed on a one year leave of absence without pay to allow you time to monitor future job openings.


  • Q: If I am off work, do I have to use my sick leave?
  • A: If the doctor takes you off work due to the injury, you will not need to use your personal leave.   The first three days are paid for by the district as a benefit to you. Beginning the fourth day off work, 2/3rds of your gross earnings (up to the State maximum benefit) will be sent to you from the workers’ compensation adjuster.


  • What if I miss time from work to go to the doctor’s office?
  • A: All medical appointments should be scheduled outside of your normal work hours to minimize disruption to student learning. Lost wage benefits for time missed for medical appointments are only covered under specific circumstances. You may need to use your sick time.

Additional information can be found on the Colorado Division of Workers’ Compensation’s website: