Non-Emergency Procedures

 Verbally inform your supervisor immediately.

  • Complete a First Report of Injury and give it to your supervisor. If that is not possible, complete the form by the end of your next work day.  If you are physically unable to fill out an injury report, your supervisor can complete one on your behalf.
  •  See a school nurse who will determine if medical treatment is necessary.  If it is determined that medical treatment is necessary, report to one of the following clinics:
  • Workers’ Compensation Designated Providers List
Concentra – Aurora North
15235 E. 38th Ave.
Aurora, CO 80011
Phone: 303-340-3053
Fax: 303-340-3862
Monday-Friday, 8 am-8pm
Saturday, 8am-4pm
(cross streets: E. 38th Ave & Chambers Rd)
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Colorado Occupational Medical Partners
1390 S. Potomac St., Suite #136
Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: 303-214-0000
Fax: 303-214-0335
Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm
(cross streets: S. Potomac St. & Mississippi Ave)
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SCL Physicians – Stapleton
2803 Rosyln St.
Denver, CO 80238
Phone: 303-403-6300
Fax: 303-403-6315
Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm
(cross streets: Roslyn St. & E 28th Ave)
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Workwell Occupational Medicine, LLC
3350 Peoria St. Suite #190
Aurora, CO 80010
Phone: 303-365-4646
Fax: 303-365-4644
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
(cross streets: Peoria and Smith Road)
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It is important to bring your APS ID to the medical clinic.  You may schedule an appointment to be seen (which will help decrease your wait time) or go as a walk-in.

  • A Work Status Report will be given to you at the clinic. This report will indicate your physical condition, whether or not you have any work restrictions, and when you are to return for follow-up treatment.   Hand-carry this report to your supervisor after you leave the clinic or within 24 hours.  If you are medically unable to deliver the report within 24 hours, you must call your supervisor within 24 hours and report your status.
  • Mileage Reimbursement form can be used for reimbursement when driving back and forth to your doctor, physical therapy or other appointments under your workers compensation injury.

Emergency Procedures

  • In case of a life or limb threatening emergency, call 911.
  • If an injury occurs after hours and immediate medical treatment is needed, report to the nearest emergency room.   ALL FOLLOW-UP MEDICAL TREATMENT MUST BE ARRANGED BY ONE OF THE CLINICS LISTED ABOVE REGARDLESS OF REFERRALS MADE BY EMERGENCY ROOM PHYSICIAN(S).