• Contact the Risk Manager if you have any questions or to report a claim.  Risk Management determines coverage of a property loss using the standards of the property insurance policy. 
  • Losses must be reported to Risk Management within 30 days of discovering the loss. 
  • If the loss resulted from employee negligence, the site or the employee may be expected to pay the first $250 toward replacement or repair. 
  • If the loss is covered by the District’s property policy, Risk Management will accept the claim, pay the loss, and submit the claim to the carrier if the loss exceeds the deductible. 

APS property insurance generally does not cover the following types of losses:

  • Damage to or theft of personal autos on school property.
    •  Unless the loss is specifically caused by Aurora Public Schools, auto damage claims must be submitted to your auto insurance carrier.


  • Personal property stolen at work (such as a cellular phone, radio, purse or wallet).
    •  The rare exception is a personal item that is brought to work for a work-related or instructional purpose with the approval of the site administrator and Risk Management. These items must be registered using the Personal Property Registration Form.  Aurora Public Schools will not accept liability for personal items that do not meet the criteria listed on the registration form or for items that are not registered.
    • Property/Equipment Damage Loss Report Form


  • Personal property of students, volunteers or visitors
    Property of students, volunteers and/or visitors is not insured/covered by APS.  Property confiscated by school staff must be secured and protected from possible theft or damage and returned to a parent/guardian as soon as reasonably possible.


  • Items that simply can’t be found anywhere when there is no evidence of theft.
    An example would be something that is discovered missing at inventory time, or something that was there when you used it last month and now you can’t find it. Fixed asset items that do not appear on the most recent physical inventory will not be covered.


  • Cash Left Unsecured
    • Losses resulting from failure to follow proper cash handling procedures will not be covered. See the Standard Operating Business Procedures Handbook (available from district-connected computers) for information regarding standards and expectations in this area.


  • Removal of district property by APS employee
    • All district property that is removed from APS must be registered with the Risk Management Department on the Equipment Check Out Form.  Employees will be responsible for the first $250 toward the replacement, regardless of the cause of loss.  Equipment Check Out Forms must be resubmitted each year, even when the property listed does not change.
    • Property/Equipment Damage Loss Report Form