Motor Vehicle Accidents - District Vehicle 

If you are in a motor vehicle accident while driving an Aurora Public Schools vehicle:

  1. Call police immediately.
  2. If you carry a two-way radio, contact the dispatcher to report your accident. Otherwise, notify your supervisor, who will contact the Risk Manager.
  3. DO NOT admit fault or offer payments to other parties involved.
  4. DO NOT move injured parties.
  5. DO NOT make statements to anyone except police, your supervisor, or Risk Management.
  6. If you are injured, follow the procedures for reporting an injury.
  7. Complete the Motor Vehicle Accident Reporting Form (available from your site secretary) and return it to the Risk Management Department and Fleet Maintenance as soon as possible.
  8. Bring the damaged vehicle to Fleet Maintenance for a repair assessment. 

Risk Management has prepared a accident brochure on Automobile Accident Reporting Procedures to be kept in the glove box of each APS vehicle with the APS insurance card. Please contact Risk Management to request a brochure for your vehicle.