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District Vehicle/Transportation Forms

  •  Employee driver requirements to use district vehicles
    • It is the policy of the Aurora Public Schools that all employees who are required to drive district vehicles as part of their job shall maintain a valid Colorado driver's license applicable to the vehicles necessary to be operated in the performance of their job and shall have good driving records that meet the district driver requirements. (Reference APS policy EEAEA-R & EEBA)

  • Involved in an auto accident?
    • If you are involved in an auto accident while driving a “district vehicle” you must complete this form and send to the Risk Management Department and Fleet Maintenance within 24 Hours.

  •  What to do when you receive a traffic citation
    • All traffic citations, whether given while on duty or during non-working time, must be reported to the Risk Management and your supervisor within 48 hours of the citation. (Reference APS policy EEBA-1-E)

  •  Permission to release Motor Vehicle Records "MVR"
    • The motor vehicle driving record (MVR) of employees assigned to operate District vehicles may be reviewed at the discretion of the District at any time. As a condition of employment with Aurora Public Schools, employees will authorize said MVR checks, and shall provide any requested paperwork for the MVR. (Reference APS policy EEBA-2-E) ***Only fill out the top section of the form***

  • Employee personal vehicle use for school activities
    • "A staff member (21 years of age or older) may transport students in his/her personal vehicle if they follow district procedure. This form must be completed by the staff member and signed by the site administrator. The form must be sent to the Risk Management Department with documentation of the employee’s personal auto insurance showing the limits of liability insurance that the employee has available. All Authorization forms expire on June 30 of every year. Employees will need to submit a new form for permission to drive for any trips after July 1 of that year."  (Reference APS policy EEAG)

  • Parent, guardian, student personal vehicle use for school activities
    • The If the district employee assists in making arrangements whereby patrons or students would be using private cars to transport students to school activities, the parent must give permission for the student to use the car, and the parents must give permission for their students to be transported in such cars. The district's non-owned liability automobile coverage does not apply to cars operated by other than district employees. Therefore, the student or non-employee patron assumes all risks (Reference APS policy EEBB)

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