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Student Accidents

  • Risk Management receives and records each Student Accident Form completed by site personnel. This report helps us identify potentially unsafe conditions and behaviors. It also documents your efforts to assess and respond to a child's injury and to notify the parents. In most cases, this report can be completed and sent to Risk Management via inter-office mail. If the injury is severe -- and ANYTIME 911 is called to respond to your site -- notify the School and Community Services immediately by phone at 303-365-5819 ext 28946  


  • Then follow up via e-mail or fax using the Incident Reporting Form (available from district-connected computers) provided by School Services.  School Services will distribute the report to other personnel, including Risk Management, as appropriate.


  • Aurora Public Schools may not be responsible for any costs associated with a student injury, including ambulance fees, copays or follow up care.  District staff should not accept responsibility or offer to pay or reimburse the parent/guardian for any ensuing, current or future medical costs.  Any questions concerning the payment of medical bills or if you are contacted by an attorney, do not discuss the incident and refer them to the Risk Management Department. 


  • Click here for information on Student Accident Insurance.










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